Should men spank women

First of all, for spanking there needs to be consent. However, if your wife demands it… than you need to do...

Men spank women Should

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I am not a guy but I think it's wrong completely wrong to do this to anyone cuz if you do this it's more like treating her as a slave If I disobeyed my boyfriend I would give him a satisfaction of what we wants but not this. I wouldn't say so! Spanking in and of itself nowadays seems pretty sexual, at least to me.

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Ask Your Question today. I'm 25 and have been married a year. Shortly after our wedding my husband started giving me real spankings, he takes me into our bed room and takes my pants off and then bust my bottom, until i'm red. Sometimes he does it in the car or in the bathroom at church.

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Women Should men spank

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Spanking fetishism also colloquially termed spankophilia is characterized by a person becoming sexually aroused by the giving or receiving of spankings, or both. Generally fetishism is defined as a pathological assignment of sexual fixation, fantasies or behaviors toward an inanimate object such as an item of clothing underclothing, high-heeled shoes, etc.

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But before we begin, this post is about masculine dominance and submission, not punishment and pain. Women are attracted to dominance and men are attracted to submission.

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Should men spank women

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As a survival mechanism, women learned that fighting back often led to more serious . Men should be able to spank their women, period. If you've ever wondered why men like...