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Add your blog reviews to t-jikoku

Do you have a blog? Do you review restaurants on that blog? If so, you can include one of the t-jikoku image links in your post and we will link back to you from the the listing page and the blogger section.

Here's how it works:

  • Write a review of a restaurant on your blog.
  • Include one of our image links in your blog post (search for the restaurant on t-jikoku and the image code will be on the listing page).
  • As soon as that happens our system will detect your blog and put it in a queue for approval.
  • Very soon after that, perhaps a day or two, someone from our team will review your post.
  • Then we will add a link to your blog post from the listing page on t-jikoku.
  • The newest posts will get extra exposure from our city pages.
  • That's it. It's free and very simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I do this?
    t-jikoku will prominently display a snippet of your blog review and will provide a link to your post and home page on the t-jikoku listing page, the city page for larger cities, and the blogger section of t-jikoku.
  • Another website has something similar, can I use t-jikoku along with other similar badges?
    Absolutely! Using t-jikoku's badge system in no way stops you from using other badge systems.
  • What happens if I review 2 or more restaurants in a single post?
    Just add a code snippet for each restaurant and our system will assign you to multiple places.
  • Do I need to be a t-jikoku user?
    Nope, but we'd still love to have you. You can .
  • How does t-jikoku prevent spam?
    Someone from our team will manually review each post.
  • How long will it take to appear on t-jikoku?
    Ideally in a day or two, but please give us a week before you .
  • Ok, it's been a week, what's wrong?
    • Did you copy and paste the exact HTML code above? This code is specific to each restaurant, so you need to copy and paste each time.
    • Did you put our code in the blog post? Be sure you didn't put it in a sidebar or footer by mistake.
    • The t-jikoku badge should appear on your blog as an image (as shown above) and not as HTML code.