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Reviews from Unfussy Epicure

  • Nosh

    his pastrami is not the same foodstuff as anything you might find in the grocery store, even in the deli case. Meaty, salty, and wonderfully smoky, with the perfect amount of fat, its melting yet brawny goodness made me yearn for more.

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  • Pop Fizz

    There's something in the sound of the wind, an autumnal rustling. If you look closely, a few trees are sporting clumps of yellow leaves. And green chile is starting to appear in CSA baskets and at the farmer's market...

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  • El Parasol in Santa Fe

    El Parasol

    It seemed familiar, probably because it had come up over and over in my research the day before. I'd rejected it because it was a walk-up spot with no place to sit. But there we were, and we were hungry, and I had read that the food was awesome...

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  • Rebel Donut

    A couple of weeks ago, my mom came up from Belen to hang out for the day. We were lounging around, chatting about nothing much, when she uttered eight fateful words: "Did you hear about the new doughnut place?"...

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  • Mean Bao

    One balmy evening a few weeks ago, Arne and I were walking down Central in Nob Hill when a curious sight met our eyes...

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  • Pollito con Papas

    When I posted about Pollito con Papas in July, the little restaurant impressed me mightily with its delicious, focused menu and friendly owners - but less so with its no-frills space, wonky air conditioning, and cash-only policy...

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  • Nexus Brewery

    All of the staff are friendly and helpful, with ready smiles. It's a welcoming place. I know I'll be going back soon, because as soon as I finish a bowl of that spicy, silken gumbo, I start craving more.

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