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Virginia Restaurants

Blogger Reviews

  • Red Robin Gourmet Burgers in Chesapeake

    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

    by Delicious!

    I’ve visited Red Robin Gourmet Burgers countless numbers of times but this is my first review. Why? I have no idea. Today probably wasn’t the best time to visit because I’m dieting...

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  • Burtons Grill LLC in Virginia Beach

    Burtons Grill LLC

    by Delicious!

    After a few hours of shopping on Friday I was in the mood for seafood and I thought Burtons would be a good choice. Their menu is quite varied and I'm sure that Burtons can accommodate whatever it is that you are looking for...

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  • Cinema Cafe in Virginia Beach

    Cinema Cafe

    by Top Ten Travel List

    Cinema Café is an integrated dinner and movie concept, with locations in and near Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have been to several of these dinner/movie theater combos in other states. Although...

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  • Zoe's Kitchens

    by Hungry Games

    I wrote about Zoe’s Kitchen a couple months ago on BakingMeHungry because I get so excited every time I go there (click for my post). I grew up in Birmingham...

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