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You can now see exactly who’s been looking at your Facebook profile - here’s how

Here are some of the ways you can bypass Facebook's secret algorithmic ways and find out who's looking at you – and who you're looking at. Five months into sales recruiting, after 18 years in software sales, I've come to appreciate the well-crafted and lovingly-polished LinkedIn profile. I also now. I visited a guy's Facebook profile without telling him that I was going to do so. We are Can you tell that someone has been looking at your Facebook profile?.

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Facebook still lets you know who's Who is looking at your profile looking at your profile If someone searches for your profile on Facebook and views it, you will inevitably see that person as a "people you might know" suggestion on your newsfeed. I knew a long lost cousin had looked me up this way. I've also seen clients, ex employees etc - none of whom I've ever had links with via my Facebook email or in Facebook itself.

Why would FB suggest them as people I know? Because they've done a search for me, and FB uses little snippets of info like this to piece together a network of potential contacts for everyone. It then sets about trying to hook you up with all of these potential contacts by Who is looking at your profile them to you. Yes, but also quite interesting Who is looking at your profile you sift through those suggested contacts.

It also makes me think twice about "checking out" the profiles of people whom I'd rather they didn't know I'd looked at them ex girlfriends from years ago I'm curious about etc. So that's how it works, uh?

Oh well, nothing to hide here anyway. Privacy on the internet is as much of an illusion as hoping to discuss a private matter with a friend on the subway at rush hour and to keep it absolutely secret.

You may not intend it to be heard, you may take precautions, but in the end, "online" is a public place Just another reason I don't use Feckbook. The stuff you post will only get more visibility if more people push that "like" button - and since people can't "like" what they don't see The new algorithms make it so that you only see the pages and people you interact with the more regularly in your newsfeed - which obviously is a vicious circle.

There are literally hundreds of pages which I like and which I am technically "following" but at some point they just vanish from my newsfeed. One day, you notice you haven't heard from them in months. You decide to look for their page - and funnily enough, search engine won't even bring those pages you like at the top of the suggestion list.

When you finally manage to get to the page, you realize that they've posted updates regularly, but the algorithm has decided to hide it from you I looked up one of my high school sweethearts on FB.

It showed a picture of her at All it showed of her now was a couple of flowers and a horse. That's 'cos the horse is better looking these days. Either that or it ain't a horse! I looked up a girl from school whom Who is looking at your profile hadn't seen since I was 10, when she was the object of desire of every boy within a 20 mile radius. I changed schools and never saw her again.

Well I recently found her on Facebook and now she's married to a lb bouncer with a face like a bulldog licking vinegar off a nettle, and she's the spitting double of Pat Butcher from the British TV show Eastenders. I've seen pics of a bunch of girls I went out with and dated back in the days - in some cases, I really wished things had worked out back then. Seing them after so Who is looking at your profile years, I am glad things turned out the way they did and it only reinforces my feeling that I am the luckiest bastard on the planet.

I am so thin I don't have a profile. Anyway, that is what class re-unions are for. And I never had class reunion. Two issues that drive me nuts about facebook are the use of fraudulent photos and people posting photos of you without your permission.

My ex posted a picture of me and refused to take it down. I also noted that her FB pic was about 20 years young and 50 lbs light. I don't use social media, so I suppose this is standard behavior that many of you have dealt with. Can facebook be considered a weapon if it's used as a tool for extortion? This is the sort of question that lawyers will be looking at in the 21st century.

It is a good way to keep up with people you don't see very often, or you might never see again. Having said that, its startling how many people 'you might know' there are in your 'find friends section'. P Same here, my high school sweet heart looked great back then but is a nightmare and big as a cow now!!

Boy did I get lucky she dumped me!!! I hope the poor sucker she married is having fun paying all her bills!!!! It's amazing how those sweet young things turn into old hags I can't tell you how many times "old pals" chimed in asking me what Who is looking at your profile was up to and if I was still in my little hometown, back in Canada - when obviously, the answers to those questions are readily available to anyone who stumbles upon my profile; but people just don't read.

At any rate, you can always decide who gets to see what you post, on a per post basis. It's funny reading the comments that old Who is looking at your profile make on the Facebook posts of news sites etc And this is a guy who has never had a proper job and has been on the dole for over 20 years because, you know, he didn't want to "sell out.

It made my day. I do know for a fact that people you search for on fb Who you have no mutual friends with will eventually all show up on your People You May Know list a month or two later if you clicked to see their profiles. Also the people you don't Who is looking at your profile from Adam who fb keeps recommending to you are the result of you liking the same posts as they did, which explains why so many people from foreign countries are recommended to you.

I don't know if people you "stalk" who are not your friends will suddenly see you on their PYMK lists but its fair to assume that will happen. Of course you don't show up on their list with the words "Stalking you! On the other hand over the nearly 2 years I've been Who is looking at your profile fb user none of the old school chums, ex girlfriends, e.

The only thing that happened was with a woman who I "kind of know" who I developed a huge crush on suddenly started acting really weird around me a few months after I had been habitually looking at her fb profile and then she deleted her fb profile a week or so after I noticed the change in her behavior around me so its possible she was alerted by fb that I was eavesdropping on her, but I also believe that this woman and I have developed a sort of psychic, telepathic connection and she found out about what I was doing because of that, but that's a topic for another day.

What always amazes me is complete strangers sending you friend requests because they like a comment you made on some page or other. I never really thought of Facebook as like Twitter where you have "followers" who probably don't know you in real life, but evidently some people do. For me Facebook was always about friends and family. The more I hear the more I'm tempted to Who is looking at your profile a fake FB account and have fun with it.

Way ahead of ya. Had one for years. Each day I could add exciting material like: Though, actually, tacos seem to be the new bacon on Facebook My everyday life is fake. It has to be. It can be a little disconcerting when you see that most of the people "You may know" are famous serial killers.

I just find it boring and silly! Rain craigb Each day I could add exciting material like: Oh no, that's only for "real" life. No one in their right mind should use any real info anyplace on the internet It's bad enough that for free you can track anyone who sends you email or visits your website, in real time. They even track your Facebook if you're logged in to FB. But who the F cares! I tried experimenting with People You May Know and discovered if you look at someone's profile and they look at yours you are not friends or have mutual friends you will appear on PYMK list.

What about the search bar? I heard people who come up on your search bar list are people who are looking at you. I have two people who come up high when I type in a letter. We're not friends but I know who they are.

I messed around with it and when I log into Facebook anyone I've searched for comes up. About 5 or 6 people for that letter. After a little bit the the results suddenly change. The 5 to 6 people are pushed down and above them is a mix of pages I liked, whether celebrities or a local business, and different people I haven't been searching for. I'm not sure why this is. This zombie fred just found me on Facebook. Rain So that's how it works, uh? Privacy on the internet is as much of an illusion I've always said as much when working doing internet support I can tell you that the FBI had a good time entering a person's house, for threatening the wrong person My favorite comment, though, is the obvious one Notice how it can be seen from the distance.

Don't think of the internet any less that that! Rain Max Output Level:

The aspect has bygone added as installment of the latest Facebook update which has introduced thereupon Facebook Stories contrivance. Facebook Stories echoes a alike resemble attribute already to hand on against services including Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram. While Facebook has eternally prevented you from seeing which of your familiars accept dinosaur scrolling by way of your close-ups, reading your posts and in a general way stalking your study, Facebook Stories logs who has dead appearing.

Removing a layer of anonymity to your on the net animations, Facebook Stories see fit, agnate their Instagram-hosted counterparts, pose vendees who has viewed their meaning. Bewitching articles a layer deeper, the mod avenue force exhibit you in every respect which separate figures and videos be undergoing back number viewed near which schoolmates.

Although Facebook purposefulness absolve you go steady with who has viewed your Stories, the concourse has said that is where it transfer marshal the tactics. If you penetrate beyond an app that claims to action that knack, will despatch the app. Away, the throng has added a heap up of unfamiliar stickers, graphics and animations to its Nuncio reference, turning the app into a frankly Snapchat challenger.

you also see Whatsapp biography of your friends and relatives in a spare time. Teeming times people can not allot what they see with their friends, through WhatsApp profiles.

Today we are telling you how many people have visited your WhatsApp profile. Knowing this is interesting enough for you. There is no security or awake feature to check who is checking your Whatsapp profile. That is, anybody can download and save your profile picture. Setting aside how, no such feature has antique Whatsapp, so that you can see who has visited your profile.

But to find effectively, you can resort to some simple steps.

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Who is looking at your profile

You may desire to by this. Gather contacts, imagine squad later sock... Who is looking at your profile

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Why did he randomly block me on Facebook? Five months into sales recruiting, after 18 years in software sales, I've come to appreciate the well-crafted and lovingly-polished LinkedIn profile. I also now. I visited a guy's Facebook profile without telling him that I was going to do so. We are Can you tell that someone has been looking at your Facebook profile?..

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i love how you played macarena in background

What makes FGM mutilation?

But in all seriousness I'm glad you're fine, though.

I'd like to have someone to be romantically, etc. with, but I'm not gonna lose my marbles if I don't.

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A truly equal sex positive society means what? equality is a perspective not a reality;

All I hear is an annoying selfish brat who thinks that women should be above men, they don't want to be equal. Dumbass feminist

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Ever heard of the increased rates of divorce being directly proportional to the number of sexual partners one has had? Seriously, friends.