Looking for Mother's Day Restaurants?

Reviews from Short and Sweetly


  • La Esquina (The Corner Deli)

    After our trip to LIC Piers we also stopped by The Corner Deli. Incidentally, this too, was a place I had been dying to go to but was either too lazy or didnít have time to go to or was to scared to go alone to. I forget what the above pictured sandwich was called but it was delicious! Especially with some tapatio hot sauce...

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  • Pastis in New York


    Iíd like to say that I have no regrets for this life of mine but that would be far from the truth. One of them was spontaneously deleting my old blog and all of its content. I didnít realize just how much I would want to go back through old posts and read it...

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  • Pio Pio

    The craziest part about this place? See the above picture? That was one order! I guess I should have noted that the courses are typically served family style here. Needless to say we had major left overs that we inhaled over the rest of the weekend...

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  • MI Tierrita Restaurant in Hempstead

    MI Tierrita Restaurant

    They have the best empanadas & churrasco Iíve tasted yet. Itís gotten a lot pricier as the years go by though. And their service could use a little upgrading because seriously? We go there and are forgotten by our waiters or waitresses all the time...

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  • California Pizza Kitchen in Westbury

    California Pizza Kitchen

    I think itís funny how different these pictures came out to what is up on their original site. Not to sound biased or anything (even though I totally am) I do have to say that my pictures look yummier...

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  • Mad For Chicken

    Itís been weeks (maybe even months) since my youngest brother, Dominic, first told me about Mad For Chicken. We would be chatting about nothing in particular and I would veer off topic (as I am wont to do)...

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  • Cafeteria Restaurant in New York

    Cafeteria Restaurant

    I had to take many deep calming breaths today. As Columbus Day nears, the reality of what is about to happen is becoming clearer and clearer. A move for work should not bring about such feelings you may say...

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  • Grand Lux Cafe

    vietnamese chicken summer rolls: chicken, asparagus, red and yellow peppers, carrots and rice noodles all rolled in a wrapper. served cold with spicy peanut sauce...

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  • Elena 43 Restaurant Corporation in Queens Village

    Elena 43 Restaurant Corporation

    Ranch chicken, arroz y frijoles...

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